Rmblr x Common Ground 91st Mass Trespass Hike!

91st Mass Trespass with Rmblr & Common Ground 


When Rmblr was christened in 2017, outdoorism represented a modern form of escapism and rebellion which drew us straight in. Fast forward to 2023 and that spirit lives on, with credit due to the world of hiking groups popping up all over the UK, like our local Common Ground. 

Common Ground (@cmn.ground) was started by a group of 6 friends in 2022, and since then, they’ve organised a series of regular rambles across England, Wales, and Scotland, traversing all nature of pastures with a lighthearted and genuine enjoyment of the outdoors. 


We teamed up with Common Ground in April for this year’s Mass Trespass, An activity where in 1932, hundreds of people defied the law to walk over hills and moorland they were previously forbidden from visiting.
This one being the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass, with people historically trekking from Hayfield to the plateau of Kinder Scout, Derbyshire to demand the right to roam freely over what is now known as the Peak District National Park.
This is the latest in a yearly tradition for us, a first for Common Ground.
 In homage to the original ramblers of yesteryear, we embarked on a nostalgic journey into the modern ramble: leaving our phones behind (in our rucksacks) and favouring instead analogue cameras to document the day, taking our fuel uphill encased in ye olde tupperware by the name of pastry (big thanks to @patelspies).
Knackered old beanies were exchanged for new in our swap shop, and we walked the same route from Hayfield up Kinder that helped make our outdoors as accessible as it is today

See the brilliant Right To Roam’s page for further information on land access in the UK. 

Here's a link for you to download all of the developed pictures from the day,

Catch you out there.

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So I'll walk where I will over mountain and hill
And I'll lie where the bracken is deep
I belong to the mountains, the clear running fountains
Where the grey rocks lie ragged and steep.

Ewan MacColl, 1932