A new Rmblr is on the trail.

It's nice to see you again. 

We started producing wares for the modern outsider back in 2017, and since then we’ve been through trial and error to present a series of reliable beanies you need in time for when the nights draw in over the fells and pubs emit the strongest light in the valley. Our FW22 relaunch has arrived just in time for the cold days ahead.

We’ve gone back to the proverbial and literal drawing boards to streamline our efforts and optimise hat capabilities. For FW22, focusing on making good hats that last a long time, with new branding inspired by travels across the pond and a colour palette that lightens up the wintery hills and troughs. 

Our new designs are an ode to the Peak District, its silhouette mounted on woven badges made just here, in the UK. Continuing with some of our mainstays like CABIN (now available embroidered, too), SHINING, SMITHY, GOYT and WOODHEAD, there’s also newcomers on the block like the unique marl lambswool THREE SHIRES, with more to follow throughout the season. 

Most importantly, our brand ethos remains the same: for each hat we sell, we donate one to a homeless person in Manchester. 

During our hiatus, we’ve worked hard to remove single use plastics from our process wherever possible; so expect minimal packaging housing quality made hats that are designed to last. 

Wish us luck next time we catch you out there. 

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So I'll walk where I will over mountain and hill
And I'll lie where the bracken is deep
I belong to the mountains, the clear running fountains
Where the grey rocks lie ragged and steep.

Ewan MacColl, 1932